Greek Marinade sauce Lemon garlic and oregano 170gr

Gaea_UK SKU: A771A212ML1UKHUM08
Greek Marinade sauce Lemon garlic and oregano 170gr

Greek Marinade sauce Lemon garlic and oregano 170gr

Gaea_UK SKU: A771A212ML1UKHUM08
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Pale yellow colour with specs of Greek oregano


Strong Lemon and garlic taste with a hint of sweetness, an aftertaste of oregano and a punch of spiciness 


A marriage of lemon, Garlic and oregano


Silky smooth, kind of thick, milkshake concistency 


Ok we called this a marinade because it follows the rules of a good marinade, acidity, sweetness, and tartness, over time it has been used in almost every cooking format possible, roasting, slow cooking, casserole cooking and even as a sauce! Amazing for the world famous Greek lemon, oregano and garlic roasted potatoes.

Greek cuisine, the Meditteranean diet is based on very basic ingredients, one of those, that grow in everywhere in Greece are lemons, by everywhere we mean it, every house in Greece has a lemon tree, and in the cities when there is no garden, they are planted on the street, free for all to take! they are the most essential Greek ingredient together with yoghurt, oregano and olive oil!

Gaea Marinade with lemon, garlic, garlic, oregano and green chilli peppers is not just a marinade, it is a cooking sauce, table sauce and a roasting sauce, 100% free of preservatives made with 100% Greek ingredients!

ENERGY 1093kJ / 265kcal
FAT 26g
of which saturates 4,6g
of which sugars 5,3g
SALT 1,4g



Lemon juice (36%) , Extr virgin olive oil (29%) , Honey (6%) , MUSTARD ( water , mustard seeds , vinegar )(6%) , Water , Sugar (5%) , Hot freen peppers (5%) , Garlic (2%) , Vinegar , Oregano (1%) , Guar gum Salt

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