Greek Marinade sauce Tomato and fennel seed 170gr

Gaea_UK SKU: A772A212ML1UKHUM08
Greek Marinade sauce Tomato and fennel seed 170gr

Greek Marinade sauce Tomato and fennel seed 170gr

Gaea_UK SKU: A772A212ML1UKHUM08
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Red towards orange, classical tomato colour with specs of fennel seed


Beautiful smooth tomato flavour, slightly acidy, slightly sweet, with a beautiful aftertaste of fennel seeds 


A marriage of tomato garlic and strong fennel seed


Silky smooth, kind of thick, milkshake concistency 


Ok we called this a marinade because it follows the rules of a good marinade, acidity, sweetness, and tartness, over time it has been used in almost every cooking format possible, roasting, slow cooking, casserole cooking and even as a sauce! Amazing for Seafood dishes, vegetables and pork casseroles.

Greek cuisine, the Mediterranean diet is based on very basic good ingredients, one of those are the Greek summer tomatoes! If you haven't eaten a tomato in summer in Greece, then the magical flavour, smell and experience is hard to purvey. So, we came up with a solution! we packed with other staple Greek landscape flavours and put it in a jar for you to enjoy at home! The taste is as if you are in Greece.

Gaea Marinade with tomato, garlic and fennel seeds is not just a marinade, it is a cooking sauce, table sauce and a roasting sauce, 100% free of preservatives made with 100% Greek ingredients!

ENERGY 1000kJ / 242kcal
FAT 21g
of which saturates 3,3g
of which sugars 9,4g
SALT 1,2g



Chopped tomatoes (29%) , Tomato paste (23%) , Extra virgin olive oil (19%) , Water , MUSTARD ( water , mustard seeds , vinegar )(4%) , Brown sugar , Vinegar , Garlic (2%) , Fennel (1%) , Salt , Guar gum .

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