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AND yes it's not hard, it takes some fine tuning and getting many people not just at work but in your surroundings world as well.

Greeks have a great way of making the most of our day, we can finish work at 8pm and go to dinner at 9pm, we can even go for coffee at 11pm if we can stomach it!

In the Greek culture it is easy however, as we differ from most parts of the world, our restaurants, cafes and bars are open until late, very late actually! I have always laughed when I hear that "New York is the city that never sleeps" I always think clearly they have never been to Athens!

Gaea Athens by night

Especially during summer even the kids are still playing on the streets at 3am in the morning some times and although that might be frowned upon parenting abroad, in Greece it is part of the culture that the world should not only be an adult world! Children  enjoy life more than we do!

But what else comes with this culture of always being out an about that makes this lifestyle possible, is the fact that Greece is not really a heavy drinking culture, so when we go out it's common to have just one drink and sip on it all night, or to eat whilst drinking. In fact it is extremely rare to see any bar selling alcohol without a snack, that includes clubs as well!

 Acropolis bar

So our advice here is, going out is not all about the drinking, it is about the company or the event. Enjoy an outing with people you have fun with and do it often!

Diversify what you do, cinema's, bars, theatres are great but also look out for gallery openings, small gigs, concerts, poetry evenings, speed dating, book launches, olive harvesting in Greece..... and many more, the idea is to plan these ahead and then you can't get out of not attending, slowly you will realise that work will have to evolve around you and not you around work! There ya go.... (as from a famous Greek movie)

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