GAEA’s factory is situated in a 15.000m2 plot of land, 1.5kms from the center of Agrinion city.

The factory building covers an area of 6.500m2 with 4 fully automated production lines.


Gaea’s significant know-how, has allowed the development of an extended distribution network that support the international distribution of its products. 82% of GAEA sales are in the international market.


Nothing fills us with more pride than when our products
receive multiple awards!

We are always in the top scorers around the world.


Our success is not only down to our great quality products but without our people you would not be able to enjoy any of it! so meet the team so you can put a face to a great product!

What we bring to the world

Joy for life, is what us Greeks live by, it is the belief that life should be built on happy, joyous, beautiful, full of experience MOMENTS, a life where at the drop of a hat, you can fill a table with food, put on the music and cheers with your friends, moments are almost always created around food in Greek culture, so we bring you a full range of Authentic Greek products, that are carefully selected to enhance this very Greek joy for life philosophy, natural, genuine and honest, just like our earth.

At GAEA we believe this is exactly what the world needs, to take the time to be present in every moment of your life and enjoy it to the fullest!
It is our mission in this world to reach as many people as we can and support them in bringing out their inner “Greek” and finding their very own Joy for Life through food. As we very well know, food connects people, enhances their interactions, and supports socializing which will bring back that joyous sparkle in their eyes through simple yet life-changing moments!