Summer in Greece is officially here!

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Top quality greek olives, whole or pitted, from Kalamata and other regions. Packed in a protected atmosphere, re-sealable, liquid free, packaging keeps the olives fresh and full of authentic Greek flavours.

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Your Mediterranean food partner

We have all heard of the Mediterranean diet but most people don't really understand what that means! For GAEA lets start by saying this, it isn't a diet it's a lifestyle! it's not just what you eat but how you eat it, whith whom you eat it, where you eat it and when, so now that we have this straight lets us tell you what we mean in a short yet informative way.

Take your time to enjoy your food, eat your lunch away from your desk with a colleague, eat dinner with a friend or with music playing in the background, we will leave the details to scientist for the deep WHY! But it simply just makes you feel better! for your body for your mental wellbeing and overall for your energy! We should know afterall the Mediterranean lifestyle is what we live and breath as a brand and all of our employees and suppliers.

Then you can look into what you eat, no cutting off things but rather just regulating quantities and look after the qualities! For example, can I eat a whole tray of Baklava? sure!, do I need a whole tray of Baklava? sometimes! but in the end I am left with the same aftertaste so was it worth it? NO! One piece however is good for the soul and great even for dieting as you have less cravings and less hormone build up, check it out here