Our Social responsibility

As a Global Greek brand we believe the more we grow and reach people we also have a social responsibility, we want to reach them beyond their palate, we want to intrigue the mind, helping them create memories that will last forever and give them a sense of belonging.

A secret that benefits the world should not be a secret, and we have a secret, the real Greek culture, the one that Greeks keep to themselves. As a far reaching brand across the world however we have a responsibility to share it, it might not work for everyone, but if it can help even one person then we are more than willing to get that message out there, se here it is:


    Gaea Secret

    The Greek culture is based on thousands of years of accumulated knowledge through DNA and to live a good life it has a few very basic rules:

    1. The food

    A healthy diet is essential to a happy body and a happy body means a good mood and a happy person, so if you feel a bit down, we recommend you change your eating habits. Now we are no experts so we won't start recommending random diets, there are specialist for that. But what we do know well is that these specialist recommend the Mediterranean diet as a healthy diet and this, we know VERY well.

    You can find the basics of the Mediterranean diet here

    2. The People 

    It is very important to surround Yourself with people who understand you, are not judgmental and make you feel good after meeting with them, even if they made you cry by telling you hard truths, basically avoid toxic people is what we are saying.

    In Greece we say that anyone who makes you smile and laugh, is someone you should never lose from your life. Also important to check that you are not emotionally intoxicating yourself by negative thoughts, for example measure how many times a day you sigh too much; sighing may be an indication you need a little boost in life, we all do at some point.

    But again for more details from experts check here

    3. The landscape 

    Change your scenery often, get out, get in touch with nature, find a place where you can see the horizon and take it all in, let the Earth's vibe reach you try touching the earth barefoot! 

    Nature heals us in ways we can't even contemplate, so being outside as much as you can is a staple of the Mediterranean countries because of our good weather, but remember nature is everywhere even sitting under an umbrella touching the earth will benefit you!

    We hereby share with you a tip on finding communal gardens and getting out and about 

    4. The Lifestyle 

    Ok now this is a biggie to explain and we go through it in detail below but the short version is, Get mingling, go to any event you can that makes you happy, whether its a concert or a Museum night, when you are out and mingle with people the possibilities are endless, your life could change in an instant! If you stay home and spend time only with yourself or with the same people then chances of having something different happen to you are slim.

    The more you adopt an outgoing lifestyle the more you will try and find time to attend even more!

    Without knowing you will go from "Living to Work" TO "Working to Live" and that is the ultimate goal! for more inspiration on events click here