Beef burger

There is nothing like breaking open a beef patty and having tasty naturally flavoured oozing cheese spilling out that has been mixed with GAEA Greek DOP Feta cheese and dried tomatoes spread! Did we mention the beef burgers have been drizzled with Greek Oxymelo glaze, dressed in spicy mustard and accompanied with roasted sweet potatoes?

  • 45 mins (including roasting)

  • 4



      • Add the onion garlic and oregano to a food processer until finely cut
      • Add to a bowl together with the minced meat season to taste and mix well together
      • In a separate bowl mix the cream cheese with the GAEA Feta cheese and sun-dried tomato Spread until combined
      • To assemble the patties, separate the minced meat mixture into 4 even balls, massage each ball into a ball form, make a cavity in the middle with your thumb, pushing towards the outwards and fill each ball with the spread mixture evenly.
      • Gently move the minced meat to smoothly close the cavity.
      • Drizzle with GAEA Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil and roast in an air fryer for 20 minutes or in a conventional oven for 40 minutes at 200°C.


      Serve with more cream cheese and GAEA feta and dried tomato spread and a dollop of Dijon mustard.